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The Race

The Dr. Shufelt's Kid's Triathlon  is designed to encourage kids aged 3-11 to be active and healthy while introducing them to the joy of triathlon. Our emphasis is on participation and having fun in a safe supportive environment by taking part in traditional summer activities: swimming, biking & running!

The race takes part in the beautiful Beavermead Park on a closed course. Athletes swim in Little Lake, ride their bikes through the trail system of Ecology Park, and finish the run course through the soccer fields of Beavermead Park.

The race is caped at 250 participants to ensure a safe and fun experience for all the athletes.

Why a Triathlon for Kids?

Here’s what our Title Sponsor, Dr. Katy Shufelt (Cardiologist) has to say about why:

Inactivity in Children – a major public health issue for this century

  • Children should accumulate 90 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity in addition to incidental activities required for daily living (equivalent to 16,500 “steps” with a pedometer)

    • 90% of Canadian children do not meet this guideline

  • Children should spend less than 2 hours per day of TV or leisure-related screen time

    • Each weekday, Canadian children and youth are averaging 5-6 hours of screen time, climbing to 6-7.5 hours per day on the weekend

  • Canada has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the developed world

  • Between 1978-2004, the number of overweight children in Canada doubled, and during the same time period the incidence of obesity tripled

  • Obesity in youth and adolescents often continues into adulthood, which contributes to a range of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer


It is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and concerned community members to be role models for the children of today. We need to model behaviour that includes physical activity as an important part of our daily lives. We need to encourage kids to participate in physical activity every day. Sports are fun and have their own important life-lessons, and are a great option for most kids. However, physical activity doesn’t have to mean putting kids in a van and driving to yet another hockey arena or soccer field. There is the daily joy of riding a bike to school, swimming in the lake, or simply running around playing tag or hide-and-go seek with some neighbourhood friends.

Dr. Shufelt’s Kid’s Triathlon is meant to celebrate kids and parents making the great choice to be physically active. Hopefully, kids will see race day as a reason to keep working on their “swim-bike-run” skills all summer long. Let’s hope the children of this generation will be inspired to get active because it’s fun and makes them feel good. As adults we know this is the best start we can give them for healthy years ahead. Every parent wishes the best for their child’s future; let’s stop wishing and get moving!

In Support of Food for Kids Student Nutrition Programs, Peterborough and County

All money raised from this year's race will be donated to Food for Kids Student Nutrition Programs,  Peterborough and County.

Food for Kids Student Nutrition Programs, Peterborough and County is a non-profit community partnership that has supported Student Nutrition Programs in local elementary and secondary schools for over 27 years. Student Nutrition Programs are a positive way for all students to start their day with the good nutrition they need. They also provide access to healthy food choices in an inclusive and welcoming environment and promote positive social development. Food For Kids is able to serve healthy foods to students at 48 of our local schools in the City of Peterborough and the County of Peterborough.

Their vision is that every student in Peterborough City and County attends school well-nourished and ready to learn.

For more information on Food for Kids Peterborough and County, please visit: www.FoodforKidsPTBO.ca 

Photo Credit: Peterborough Public Health